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Terms & Conditions of Sale

By purchasing a product from Tickled Fancies  it is assumed that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions in full.

All prices are non-negotiable and priced according to your exact specifications of design and size of cake/cupcakes/bouquet.
All payments are taken in full at the time of booking in order to secure the date.

Deposits are only taken for wedding orders – this will be discussed individually and finalised at a consultation between us and the customer.  Such deposits are non-refundable.
All orders are made to order and are by default available for collection only from Tickled Fancies address. We only deliver for weddings or events when requested, and if we can accommodate it.
Any non-collected orders due to sickness or extreme circumstances are refundable only at Tickled Fancies' discretion. 


To avoid disappointment please give as much notice as possible for your order. However, I will accept short notice orders subject to availability.
Each cake is bespoke and made individually by hand, so although every effort is made to ensure consistency, small variations may occur from the colour and design requested.
Once an order is placed, adjustments and alterations may only be made at the discretion of Tickled Fancies on an individual basis. We reserve the right to refuse any adjustments and alterations after an order is finalised.

Collection and storage
Collection times are either between 11am & 12pm , or 5 & 6pm. Once you have selected your preferred collection time it is your responsibility to adhere to the chosen time and date. Any rescheduled collection times will be solely at our discretion and cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances.
Your cakes are baked to ensure they are fresh for the date of collection, we cannot guarantee quality if consumed more than 24-48 hours after collection. Cakes are made entirely of natural ingredients, so they do not have the extended shelf life of most supermarket cakes, which contain additives and preservatives to ensure their prolonged life.
Your cakes need to be kept at room temperature in a cool dry room out of direct sunlight and must not be refrigerated as this can alter the flavour and texture of the product. Tickled Fancies will not be held liable if items are not consumed during the recommended time frame or are stored in an incorrect manner. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the storage conditions are adhered to.

Due to the perishable nature of these products we do not recommend keeping longer than three to four days. 

As all cupcakes/cakes are very delicate and fragile, I recommend that, if transporting by car, the cupcakes/cake should be placed on a flat surface, to prevent the cupcakes/cake sliding off its board. NEVER put a cake/cupcakes on a seat as this can be extremely unsafe and result in them sliding off onto the floor, if you needed to brake suddenly. The front passenger footwell or a flat car boot is the safest place, or if you’re travelling with a passenger, on their knee. Please ensure that the aircon is switched on in your car as an overheated car can result in a cake/cupcakes that becomes compromised or melt. Cupcakes/cakes must not be left in the car overnight but placed somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight or heat sources such as a radiator, and must not be put into a fridge.


Allergies & Dietary Requirements
We do not cater for any specific dietary requirements such as allergies, food intolerances or ce and take no responsibility for any consequence of such.  The cakes are made in our home kitchen where allergens such as gluten and nuts are used, therefore we cannot cater for such allergies.

All ingredients are of the highest quality and freshly prepared without the use of any preservatives. Product ingredients can include eggs, flour, cocoa, sugar, milk, margarine and butter.  

Note: if a colour other than natural buttercream is requested there will be food colour additives in the buttercream. If you require more information about colour additives when considering placing an order please contact us to discuss.  All of the food colourings we use are vegetarian.


Due to the nature of these products there will be variation in the product in comparison to any other product depicted in our gallery. We do not and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in design or manufacture and whilst we make every effort to provide the product requested, you accept there will likely be variance in colours and design in your order from gallery pictures.
Final designs and variants thereof are at the final discretion of Tickled Fancies to ensure the best possible result for each individual customer.
Tickled Fancies reserve the right to use any image of a cake/cupcakes or workshop taken by Tickled Fancies for publication on social media and other publications.


Each creation is unique and particular to you, as such your order is in part a booking for our artist's time and as such you agree that cancellations may incur a fee. More than 3 weeks prior to the delivery date for your order, it is possible to cancel and a full refund will be offered.  In such circumstances, please contact us via our contact form.

In making an order you agree that you are making a reservation for our artist’s time for the manufacture of a bespoke product(s) as you have described in your order. As such, we will begin to act on your instructions immediately where your selected date is less than three weeks from the purchase date.  If you wish to cancel less than 3 weeks before your order is due, the amount of refund will reflect both planning work already commenced and the likelihood of the time reserved for your order being resold. 

With this in mind, refunds for cancelation within 3 weeks from the required date are structured as follows

Within 1 hour of the order being placed - Full refund offered

Within 2-3 weeks of the date required - 75% refund offered

Within 1-2 weeks of the date required - 50% refund offered

With 5-7 days of the date required - 25% refund offered

Less than 5 days, unfortunately a refund can not be offered, but the order can be rescheduled at a mutually agreed time (subject to availability) at no extra cost. 

Disputes : In purchasing from Tickled Fancies, you agree that you are buying a piece of art. Whilst I go to great lengths to ensure that our cakes will taste fabulous also, you are buying an artistic display to be presented by you to others, not simply cakes. With this in mind, the cake and associated ingredients represent just 5% of the purchase cost, and therefore 95% of the purchase cost is for the artist time and the production & presentation of your bespoke art (the cake product). As the items are delicate, once the products have been collected from my premises, or once I have vacated the premises should the product be delivered, you agree that the artistic design will be deemed to have been accepted by you in full without recourse, even in the circumstance of you not personally being present. In such circumstances you agree that the person collecting or taking delivery on your behalf has unreserved authority for accepting the product design and condition in full without recourse.

By purchasing, you agree that the maximum liability on Tickled Fancies for any dispute other than the artistic design will be no more than £1 per cupcake, which is the value of the 'canvas' onto which my art is applied. In this case the refund will only apply to cakes returned intact. You agree that any cakes consumed or otherwise incapable of being returned can not be subject of dispute or refund.

In the event of any dispute permitted by these terms and conditions, you agree that any subsequent claim on Tickled Fancies will be no more than the purchase cost of the specific product for which the dispute relates, which may not necessarily relate to the entire order.

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